Do you want to invest in the United States? Real estate is an increasingly attractive alternative

“The state of Florida is experiencing a boom in the sale of real estate to foreigners. This October 26, do not miss a digital meeting in which you can learn about its different alternatives and advantages.

The real estate business is synonymous with profitability. More and more people decide to acquire a property with the purpose of ensuring stable dividends or that it is valued with a view to a future sale. Until a few years ago, this type of investment was exclusive to those who had a large capital. However, currently there are a number of facilities for you to fulfill your dream.

Some of these alternatives are the ‘vacation homes’ or vacation homes, whose demand has grown thanks to the growth of tourism in cities like Orlando and Miami, especially among family groups or friends who stay in the same property for greater comfort and economy.

It is estimated that in 2019 the state of Florida received 132 million tourists, of which 81 million came to Orlando and more than 15 million to Miami. The projections, even with the pandemic, are encouraging and reveal an increase in these figures. Orlando is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for its theme parks. Miami, meanwhile, remains very flashy. for its beaches, climate, events, quality of life and low taxes compared to other states.

Omar Jiménez-Cano, renowned real estate entrepreneur in Central and South Florida and in the vacation home business, explains that one of the best options is to acquire real estate for “Short Term Rental” or short-term rental, since that income is greater than monthly rent. In addition, tourists pay higher values.

The additional advantage of vacation homes is that they can be enjoyed by buyers, as well as generating rental dividends when they are not being used. Properly purchased and managed, these vacation properties provide very attractive additional income each year.

Jiménez-Cano also warns that vacation homes diversify rental income and allow you to plan for retirement and take vacations at no additional cost. That is, with a vacation home you can pay your mortgage, property taxes, HOA fees, and maintenance costs, all while building equity.

“The age of the investor does not matter, nor is life insurance required for these loans. All of the above allows many to fulfill the Latin American dream: earn in dollars and spend in pesos or in the currency of their country,” he adds.